Secondary 2 - Grammar – Review D
Name ______________________________________ Date _____________
1. Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d
1. Before I made the decision to move to a new country, I _____ about it for years.
    a. had thought                b. had been thinking           c. was thinking         d. thought
2. Mona _____ her report by the time it was due, and her boss was angry.
    a. hadn’t been finishing    b. hadn’t finished           c. wasn’t finishing              d. didn’t finish
3. In the hours before the accident happened, the children _____ in a dangerous old building site. 
    a. had been playing         b. have played                            c. were playing         d. played
4. By the time Hany was 25, he _____ two books and five short stories.
    a. had been writing         b. was writing                    c. had written          d. wrote
5. We cleaned up the garden _____ without any help.
    a. ourself                      b. us-self                          c. ours                    d. ourselves
6. Please tell Samia that her father would like to speak to _____.
    a. she                          b. hers                             c. her                     d. herself
7. She was surprised at how old she looked when she saw _____ in the mirror.
    a. me                           b. her                              c. herself                d. hers
8. Omar’s collection of books is much bigger than _____.                   
    a. my                           b. mine                                      c. myself                d. me
2. Rewrite using the words in brackets to give the same meaning.
1. I know a man. His sister is a pilot. (whose)
2. The car belongs to the family. Their house is the biggest on this street. (whose) 
3. My brother fixed the car without help. (himself)
4. Abir saw Mona in the clothes shop. (her)
5. The boat belongs to them. (theirs)
3. Find the mistakes and correct them.
Mr and Mrs Kadry were in a restaurant for their anniversary and discussing what to order. Mr Kadry asked his wife, “You like pigeon, didn’t you?” Mrs Kadry said, “No! You have always known that I don’t like pigeon, hadn’t you?” Mr Kadry looked surprised. So they ordered chicken, and it was delicious. After they had finished eating, Mr Kadry asked his wife, “I think you would like some dessert now, don’t you?” It was Mrs Kadry’s turn to look surprised. She said, “My dear, I do not wish to get fat. I really shouldn’t eat dessert, shouldn’t I?” Mr Kadry smiled at his wife and replied, “My dear, you really don’t know, after all these years, how beautiful I think you are, are you?” And Mrs Kadry smiled back at her husband, “Well maybe you are right, my dear, and you’re the most wonderful husband in the world, are you?”
4. Match the phrases, then rewrite each sentence below.

1. There was no food left
a. because they hadn’t been paying attention.
2. They didn’t hear his question
b. after I met with you?
3. The engineers had been working for two years
c. for a year before he finally did.
4. He had been thinking about changing his job
d. because my little brother had eaten everything!
5. Had you been sleeping
e. when their project was suddenly cancelled.
f. before I called you?

1. __________________________________________________________________
2. __________________________________________________________________
3. __________________________________________________________________
4. __________________________________________________________________
5. __________________________________________________________________
5. Read the paragraph. Underline the correct words in parentheses.
Jack was a tourist and an enthusiastic diver who was travelling from Cairo to the Red Sea. He was alone in Egypt and he (had been deciding – had decided – decided) to rent a car and drive it to the Red Sea himself. Jack (has been driving – has driven – had been driving) for over four hours when he finally stopped to have a break. When he saw (him – himself – he) in his car mirror, he realised that he looked very tired. He decided to have a coffee. Jack had just (been finishing – finished – finishing) his coffee when he received a call on his mobile phone. It was his friend Ben, who had heard about Jack’s trip to Egypt. Ben had been thinking about travelling to Egypt for a long time, and he (had been deciding – had decided – decided) at the last minute to join Jack. He told Jack to wait at a Red Sea resort for (him - them – us), and then they would go diving together.