Secondary 2 - Grammar - Unit 17
Passive verbs 2
1 - d     2 - b     3 - a     4 - c     5 - a     6 - c     7 - a     8 - d            
1. I would really like to produce films.
2. My mother is very cautious when she is driving.
3. Reham worked remarkably hard for her English examination.
4. The tourists needed direction to the pyramids.
5. I am finding this scientific language very difficult / This scientific language is very difficult for me.
When the dinosaurs escaped there was complete madness. The dinosaurs were very big and powerful, and they were not friendly. Houses were destroyed by just one dinosaur footstep. Cars were turned over and (were) kicked around like footballs. Trees and gates were smashed. The dinosaurs even began to eat some humans who they picked up like toys from the ground! It was terrible. Fortunately the army was called in to help. Soldiers arrived and they began to rescue everyone still alive on the island. When they had rescued everyone, they began to think about how the dinosaurs could be stopped.
1 - e     2 - a     3 - d     4 - c     5 - e