Secondary 2 - Grammar - Unit 15
Passive verbs 1
Name ______________________________________ Date _____________
1. Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d
1. The walls of St Catherine's Monastery _____ to protect its treasure. 
    a. built                b. are built                        c. were built            d. were builded
2. The tomb of the great king can still _____.
    a. seen               b. be seen               c. be watched                    d. have seen
3. The water wheels _____ to lift water from the river.
    a. were designed            b. designed              c. are design            d. were designing
4. People _____ that this castle was built by a great Roman emperor.
    a. are believed               b. were believed       c. are believing         d. believe
5. I _____ to always keep my room tidy.
    a. taught                       b. had taught          c. were taught         d. was taught
6. _____ from very far away to visit the amazing monument.
    a. They were travelled     b. They travelled      c. It was travelled     d. Travelled
7. _____ that girls do better at school than boys.
    a. They are thinking        b. It is thought         c. They were thought   d. They was thought
8. This delicious cake _____ here by Samia.
    a. was brought               b. brought               c. is brought           d. was bringing
2. Rewrite, changing these sentences into the active using the word in brackets.
1. It is believed that Abu Simbel was a young boy who showed archaeologists where the Temple of Ramses was. (people)
2. This house was designed to keep people cool and comfortable. (the architect) 
3. Most of the old part of the town has been abandoned. (the townspeople)
4. I was taught to be kind to the people around me. (my parents)
5. Mona was persuaded to go with her friends to the cinema. (Mona's friends)
3. Find the mistakes and correct them.
Stonehenge is a very famous place in Britain. It is truly amazing. No one knows for certain who it built, or why. It is thought that it built 3,500 years ago. It is also thought that Stonehenge made from large stones brought from nearly 400 kilometres away. Because the stones are so heavy, it is likely that thousands of men were brought the stones on boats and overland. But no one really knows why they did this, or what Stonehenge used for. You can visit Stonehenge at any time of the year, but you will not be found an answer to these questions.
4. Match the phrases, then rewrite each sentence below.

1. The boxes
a. built high walls.
2. Dinner
b. had already been bought.
3. The ancient townspeople
c. wolves were hunted in Sinai.
4. It is believed that
d. were made of rose wood.
5. When I saw him, the car
e. were built high walls.
f. was ready and on the table.

1. __________________________________________________________________
2. __________________________________________________________________
3. __________________________________________________________________
4. __________________________________________________________________
5. __________________________________________________________________