Secondary 2 - Grammar - Unit 14
Prepositions after nouns, verbs and adjectives
1 - b     2 - a     3 - d     4 - c     5 - a     6 - b     7 - b     8 - d
1 My uncle Hany is (very / really) popular with children.
2 Every year there is an increase in the (number of) cars on the roads in Cairo.
3 I haven't heard from my cousin for a long time.
4 Amin should apologise for hitting his brother. / Amin hit his brother. He should apologise for it.
5 I am really keen on reading.
I would like to be a scientist. I am particularly interested in biology and chemistry. I would like to do research to find out about certain diseases. For example, many people all over the world die of diseases such as malaria. I would like to find an answer to this problem, and I think that first of all we need to understand the causes of these diseases. I plan to finish university and apply for a research job. I hope that I will be good at my job, and I hope that we can use science to find a way to end disease in the world.  
1 - c     2 - d     3 - f     4 - a     5 - b