Zero, First, Second and Third Conditionals

1 - c
2 - a
3 - b
4 - a
5 - d
6 - c
7 - d
8 - d

If the weather is good tomorrow, we will go on holiday.
If you add blue paint to yellow paint, you make/get green.
If I had been born a boy, I wouldn’t be able to wear dresses. OR If I had been born a boy, I couldn’t wear dresses.
If I had (more) time, I would do many/more sports.
If you give me some money, I will buy some chocolate.


I would like to be a top football player. If I were a top football player, I would be very famous and have a lot of money, and everyone would love me. I would be on television all the time and play at lots of different stadiums and in different countries — this would be fantastic! I love sport and I love to play football, so I am thinking about trying to join the national team when I am older. It is difficult because so many people want to be top football players, but if I found the chance, I would take it. (OR but if I find the chance, I will take it.) But because top football players are famous they cannot do normal things like normal people. If a top football player walks down the street, everyone runs to him and asks him for his signature. So maybe I do not really want to become a top football player. But it is nice to dream about what it would be like!


1 - f
If there is a traffic jam we will be late.
2 - c
When you add hot water to ice it melts.
3 - e
If he were less tired he would go to play tennis.
4 - b
If he had been less tired he would have gone to play tennis.
5 - d
If you hadn't told me about the film I would not have gone.


I want to learn to speak English really well. If someone speaks English well, they have a better chance to find a job or go to university. If I pass all my exams in English, I will look for a job in tourism or at an international company.But I need to practise a lot and do my homework regularly. Unfortunately, I did not study hard last year and so now I am taking extra classes. If I had studied more last year, I would not have needed to take extra classes this year. I think that people who speak more than two languages have an even better chance to find a job or study at university. If I had more time and money, I would like to study French as well.